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After the formation of the Executive Body/Governing Body, on 5/5/2017, for the tenure 2017-2019, the following were the activities of the Association.

It is worthwhile to mention here that on the eve of 3rd General (Former Dy. c.a.o. hpseb Ltd.) Conference and Foundation Day,5th May 2017, Sh. Subhash Negi,IAS, former Chairman HPSEBL and HPERC, was our Chief Guest and a Souvenir was brought out on this occasion. The conference was very successful with the grace of GOD and blessings of the well-wishers.

Normally, the Foundation day and the General Conference are convened together on 5th of May every year, but this year on 5th of May, Solan town was blessed with the HOLLY RADHA SWAMI SAMAGAM. Therefore, keeping in view of rush of public and traffic, the Conference was postponed, thus, the 4th General Conference is being convened today.

The Association formulated a system of convening Executive Meetings at different Head-quarters of the Units in the State, so as to reach to the maximum pensioners, particularly the family pensioners of the HPSEBL in order to know their problems and redressal thereof. This is continued since 2011 onwards.

In the chain of Executive Meetings, during the tenure of two years from May,2017 to April,2019 , the meetings were held at Bilaspur (5/3/2017), Poanta Sahib (16/9/2017), Parwanoo (7/3/2018), Solan(5/5/2018) Nurpur (23/9/2018) and Ghumarwin (24/3/2019), The foundation day was also celebrated alongwith Executive Meeting on 5/5/2018 at Solan, being the Head-quarter of the Association.

Though these were termed Executive Committee meetings, but had full strength of more than hundred members all the times and gave ambience of almost General Body meeting. All these meetings were very well-organized with participation from almost all the affiliated District Units. Pensioner colleagues from all corners of the State and even from outside viz. Chandigarh, Delhi attended these meetings, participated with great enthusiasm. There had been open, free & fare expression - providing an opportunity to put forth the individual problems and general as well.

Beside discussions on pension related problems, many issues relating to intricacies of Income Tax and Investments in the form of savings used to discuss, which provided awareness to the pensioner colleagues. Above all, assembling of pensioners in these meetings is a get-together, knowing each other’s well-being, meeting our old friends, colleagues who may be from all rank and file are now at one platform of HPSEB Pensioners Welfare Association. 17th December, is known as Pensioners Day, therefore it was elebrated on 17 December, 2017 and 21018, at Solan, Association’s Head-quarter and also on all Distt Unit and Sub-Unit level. Pensioners were made known about the significance of the Pensioners Day and they were also awakened about the rights of Pensioners and Senior Citizens. At unit level, very senior Pensioners of the HPSEBL, were honoured along with good wishes for their healthy long life.

Time to time, the Units of the Association took various issues of the pensioners and family pensioners with the State Body, which were general in nature and individual as well, pending with Banks or HPSEBL, got resolved at the level of State Body. It is not possible to enumerate those here being a big list of the issues.

The issues were taken up with the concerned offices. The Chief Accounts Officer and his Accounts Officer of different section remained very cooperative in resolving and reddressing the same quickly.

The issues of Pensioners were taken up with HPSEBL, from time to time. In pursuance to that, a meeting was held with Sh. Tarun Kapoor, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary cum Chairman, HPSEBL on 28/9/18 at Shimla. Outcome of the same was intimated to all the Units of the Association by circulating the minutes of the meeting.

The Association took up Social Work at Units as well as State Body level. The old D.C. office building at Solan which is now named” APANA GHAR” wherein one floor is dedicated to Senior Citizens and one floor for aspiring candidates appearing for different competitive examinations, who get here suitable environment for their studies. More than two hundred students used to come daily here for pursuing their studies. The HPSEB Pensioners Welfare Association was approached to provide one Aqua Guard and a Cooler. The Association donated the same and got it installed in the floor provided to the Senior Citizens and students.

In a school in the interiors of Solan which was devoid of benches and desks, the same were provided by the Association.

The Association is also associated with two social orgnisations named “ANNPURNA SEWA SOCIETY” AND “ SHOOLINI PRASADAM”. These NGOs provide meal to the attendants of the patients in Zonal Hospital Solan, which also provide beddings to the attendants. One time lunch in a month is being provided by our Association. And some days, some members also provide one time meal to the attendants on the celebrations of birthdays of their kith and kins or other occasion as feel like.

The consolidated endeavour of the Association is to serve the society in general and the HPSEB Pensioners in particular with great zeal of honesty and sincerity with solid unity. I pray to the GOD to bless the Association for more serving instinct.

In the end I wish all the pensioners fraternity for their good health and longevity.

P.L. Gupta
Gen. Secratary 

From President's Desk

There is only oneway to avoid criticism - do nothing , say nothing and be nothing, I have tried my best to be religiously non-political and concentrate only on welfare activities of the fellow pensioners and..
Gen. Secy Message

After the formation of the Executive Body/Governing Body, on 5/5/2017, for the tenure 2017-2019, the following were the activities of the Association.