State Body


Memorandum of Association


The name of the Association will be HPSEB Pensioners Welfare Association

Area and Jurisdiction :

  • The Association will cover entire HPSEB Pensioners in the state of H.P. It can open its branches anywhere in the state of H.P. and outside.
  • Its Head Quarters will be located at Solan, presently at" Khan Manjil" Kaleen, Solan, subject to the change as and when necessary.
  • According to need and convenience, the pensioners Association can affiliate itself with any other Associations.
  • The other HPSEB Pensioners Associations functioning at different places in the state of H.P. and outside can be associated / affiliated with it.

Aims and Objectives

  • To adopt measures for the safeguard of the interest of the pensioners.
  • To promote and protect the welfare of the Pensioners.
  • To bring all HPSEB pensioners in H.P. and outside on one platform.
  • To maintain unity amongst HPSEB and other pensioners.
  • To promote public relation for the Cause of pensioners.
  • To take adequate steps for the help of any member of the Association.
  • This Association is secular, non-political and charitable.
  • To take up any other beneficial activity for its members.
  • To organise free medical camps for the retired personnel.
  • To donate artificial limbs to the handicaps.
  • To help Old-age Help Society by way of donations.
  • To provide free consultancy to the poor electricity consumers.



  1.  The Membership is open for every type and category of HPSEB pensioners.
  2. A pensioner who pays membership fee, admission fee or any other fee/fund prescribed by the Association regularly may be enrolled as member  of the Association.
  3. One who is insane and mentally unsound will not be eligible to become the member of the Association.
  4. Every member of the Association will abide by its bye-laws and rules to fulfill the aims and objective, failing which he will be disqualified as a member of the Association


  • ADMISSION FEE Rs. 50/- at the time of enrolment.
  • Subscription of Rs. 100/- per year.
  • Annual subscription may be increased as and when deemed necessary by the General House.


  • In case, a Member of the Association whose subscription is in arrear for a period exceeding three month shall not be entitled to vote in any proceeding of the Association and he will also not be counted as member.


  • The General House will comprise maximum eight(8)members nominated by each Distt. Unit affiliated with this Association.
  • It is a supreme body of the Association.


i) The   meeting of General House will normally be held  as and when required but at least once in financial year for the purpose of -
  • Approval of the programme of activities of the Association prepared by the Governing Body for the ensuing year.
  • Election, if any, in the prescribed manner of the members of the Governing Body other than the nominated members.
  • Consideration of the audit report and the annual report.
  • Consideration of any other matter, which may be brought before  in accordance with the regulations of the Association.
ii)     The time and place of General House meeting and other meetings will be fixed as per situation
iii)    Quorum for General House meeting shall be one-half of the total members, but for ordinary meeting will be one fourth of the total members. The attendance in the deferred meeting will be deemed to be the quorum.
iv)  The notice of General House meetings shall be given in writing and for meetings of Governing body be given through phone or as decided from time to time for which at least 48 hours notice is necessary.
v)    Important  issues like election, resignation of the President and/or General Secretary, removal of any Office Bearer / member of the Governing Body and winding up of the Association, changing the name of the Association or merger of the Association into any other organization will be decided in the General House.         
vi)    It can reverse/amend or over-rule any decision of the Governing Body.
vii)    Any amendment in the memorandum of association or  regulations / bye-laws is to be approved by a majority of three-fifth members present in  the General House meeting.


  1. There will be a Governing Body to run the affairs of the Association.
  2. Governing Body will be elected by the General House.
  3. There will be Maximum 16   members of the Governing Body, of which 12 will be Office bearers and minimum 7 and maximum 24 Executive Members.
  4. In addition to these members one representative from each affiliated bodies, if any, will also be included in the Governing Body for specific purpose and period               
  5. Special Invitee can be requested to attend certain meetings of the Governing Body in the interest of the pensioners but will not be entitled to vote on any issue.
  6. The term of the Governing Body will two years.


There will be twelve (12) Office bearers  and Executive Members ,minimum 7 (seven) and maximum 24(twenty four)

    1. President
    2. Senior Vice President
    3. Vice Presidents (Two)
    4. General Secretary
    5. Joint Secretary
    6. Finance Secretary(Treasurer)
    7. Secretary Public Relation.
    8. Legal Advisor
    9. Chief Advisor
    10. Advisor
    11. Auditor


  1. The Governing Body must hold its meeting at least once in three months.
  2. The quorum of the Governing Body will be one half of the total members of the Governing Body.  The presence of
    • President or Sr. Vice President/Vice President, 
    • General Secretary or Joint Secretary, 
    • Finance or Joint Finance Secretary, is must.
  3. The meeting will be presided by the President and in his absence by the Senior Vice President/Vice President.
  4. All the issues will be decided by majority in presence and in case of tie, President will exercise his right to cast the vote.
  5. To implement the decisions of the General House and other decisions of the Governing Body.
  6. To raise funds other than as laid down in bye-laws with the approval of the General House for the welfare and in the interest of the Association as and when required.
  7. To handle and decide any issue in the interest of the Association.
  8. To appoint any employee on honorary basis or on remuneration,
  9. To consider the audit report and put up the same along with annual report before the General House for passing the same in the annual meeting .
  10. To invite any person(s) to  its meeting to consider important issues.
  11. Can accept the resignation of a member or office bearer but not the President and General Secretary.
  12. Can disqualify any member if his activities/actions are considered anti-pensioners and against the interest of the Association.
  13. Cannot over rule any decision of the General House.
  14. Can not decide the issue of winding up of the Association but it can grant /seek affiliation with other body in greater interest of the Association.
  15. Can accept any donation without prejudice to the interest of the Association.
  16. If a member of the body dies or becomes mentally unsound or does not attend three consecutive meetings without taking leave, he/she will automatically cease to be its member.
  17. The Governing Body is answerable to the General House for all its decision /action.
  18. On written request of at least three members, the General Secretary will call its special meeting as and when needed.
  19. To form sub-committee(s) for any cause in the interest of the association.



  • To preside over all meetings of the General House and Governing Body/Executive Committee.
  • To have overall control on all affairs of the association
  • To sanction expenditure up to Rs.1000/- at a time in anticipation of the approval of the Governing Body.
  • To advise the General Secretary to call special meeting of the Governing Body/General House as and when needed.
  • To perform any other duty/duties as assigned by the Governing Body/General House.
  • To assign any additional duty to any member in the interest of the Association in case of emergency, but such assignment shall be finally approved by the Governing Body.
  • To exercise his casting vote whenever there is a tie.
  • To sign the documents in legal proceedings as and when necessary.


  • To perform all duties and exercise all powers of the President in his absence.
  • To perform any other duty as and when assigned by the President/Governing Body/General House.


  • To call the meeting(s) of the Governing Body/General House after obtaining the approval of the President or on the direction of the Governing Body.
  • To write the proceedings of the meetings and get confirmed by the  Presiding Officer.
  • To take necessary steps to implement decision(s) of the Governing Body.
  • To be the leader of the deputation/delegation in  the absence of the President/Sr. Vice President/Vice President.
    To make correspondence in the functioning of the Association on the direction of the President/Governing Body/General House. In routine matters he can correspond at his own accord.
  • He can accord sanction of expenditure up to Rs. 500/- at a time in anticipation of the approval of the Governing Body.
  • To be over all in-charge of the entire record of the Association.
  • Can seek assistance from any officer bearer in performance of his duties/work whenever needed.
  • To perform any other duty assigned by the Governing Body or General House or President in the interest of the Association.


  • To exercise all functions of General Secretary in his absence.
  • To assist the General Secretary in his office work.
  • To maintain the Member-ship register under the guidance of the General Secretary and with the help of the Finance Secretary.
  • To perform any other duty assigned by the Governing Body/General House / President/ General Secretary.


  • To be fully responsible for the proper maintenance of the accounts of the Association. He is to maintain the Books of Accounts of the Society as required under rule 10 of the H.P. Society Regulation Rules, 2006.
  • To place before the Governing Body half-yearly statements of all types of income and expenditure i.e. in January and July each year.
  • To collect/receive all type of funds/subscription/contributions, as prescribed in the bye- laws and passed by the Governing Body/ General House.
  • To issue receipts under his own signature for all type of funds/money received.
  • To deposit money/funds in the bank immediately on receipt of the same.
  • To operate the Bank Account of the Association and reconcile the balances with bank periodically.
  • To write up the cash book immediately on conducting transactions.
  • To prepare balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure for the Association on the Performa prescribed in the H.P. Societies Regulation Rules, 2006. And get the same audited from an Auditor appointed by the Association in accordance of section 13 of the said rules. Thereafter the accounts will be put up to the Governing Body for approval. In annual General meeting the same will be placed before the General House for approval.
  • To meet the day to day expenses, he can keep cash up to Rs.3000/- with him as an imprest.
  • To perform any other duty assigned by the General House/Governing Body/President/General Secretary.   


  • To highlight the activities of the Association through media under the guidance and supervision of General Secretary.
  • To undertake vigorously enrolment of new members to the Association.
  • To perform any other duty assigned to/allotted to him by the Governing Body/General House /President/General Secretary in the interest of the Association.


  • To provide necessary legal advice in function of the Association.
  • To assist in legal proceedings initiated by the Association or against it.
  • To assist the General Secretary in office work.


  • Any nationalized bank or co-operative bank as approved by the Governing Body.
  • Bank Accounts of the Association will be operated jointly at least by two of the office bearers viz.  President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary.
  • At the time of raising loans on F.Ds etc; the signature of all the three office bearers as shown in item (ii) above shall be mandatory.


The Funds/property movable and immovable of the Association will be a Trust of the Association and shall vest in the Executive Committee and it will not vest in any individual member’s Trust.


Any proposal for the amendment of the bye-laws of the Association may be initiated either by any office bearer of the Governing Body, shall be examined by the sub-committee constituted for the purpose as per sub- para xix of para 8 above. The report of this committee will be put before the General Houser through the Governing Body for approval in a specially called meeting . The proposal for amendment can be passed by a majority of three fifth members present in the General House meeting and a copy of the amendment(s) so proposed will be sent to the Registrar with  in 7 days for registration as required under section 9 of the ACT 2006 .


All the members of the Association will have equal status
The Association will cease to function if and when its activities go against the  interests of the pensioners.


By a special resolution, the majority of votes of the members present or by proxy, determine that the Association shall be dissolved and thereupon it shall be dissolved forthwith or at the time then agreed upon, and all necessary steps are taken for the disposal and settlement of property, its claims and liabilities as per by-laws of the Association/ in accordance of the section 46 and 48 of Society Registration Act,2006.